Size 0 - clothes in this size are suitable for babies from approx. 6-12 months. They are initially more extensive and have been designed in such a way to "grow" with the child.

Size 1-2  is suitable for age range suitable for children up to 2 years. Size 3-4  is suitable forkids up to  three years, and size 4-5 up to 5 years old.

If you are not sure what size to choose, please send us an email, we are always ready to help :)



its main advantages are: high resistance to friction and stretching, antimicrobial activity, not electrified, it is breathable, has anti-allergic properties, absorbs moisture well, biodegradable. A characteristic feature of the flax is its susceptibility to crease. The resulting creases on good quality linen are not a defect or do not impair the appearance of the clothes from this fabric. On the contrary, they emphasize its natural origin and nobility, add nonchalance and ease.


Cotton fabric is very grateful. Very pleasant to wear it, because it allows the skin to breathe. Its main advantages are high absorbency, abrasion resistance, and conducts heat well.


This noble fabric, without which you can not get around in the winter. Its advantages are primarily excellent thermal insulation properties, high hygroscopic, absorbing UV radiation. It also has antibacterial properties, and the dust, dirt and moisture are distributed on the surface of the material without delving deeply into the fibers. Because of its susceptibility to felting requires special care.


A small addition of such a fiber fabric from which sew clothes causes them increased flexibility and thus also the convenience and freedom of movement. Spandex is not on the list of allergens, so no need to worry about his actions.


Len is extremely simple and easy to maintain and in addition also has a unique feature - each washing and ironing strengthens and refines it - the fabric becomes softer and pleasant to the touch. Fabric linen likes water and is not afraid of high temperatures during pressing. Therefore, contaminated clothing is best washed in the washing machine at 30 * C. Remember that clothes made of linen should not be odplamiać bleaches based on chlorine.

If we want a perfectly smooth look of the fabric we recommend ironing at 150 * C still damp clothes and leave them exploded or hung on a rack until completely dry. We also linen clothes not ironed at all because the version of "slightly crumpled" look natural and at ease and still chic!

Cotton fabric, machine washable at 30 * C and pressed at temperatures up to 100 * C / to prevent yellowing / left side, preferably slightly moist. To stain and bleach do not recommend the use of chlorine.

Remember, whenever possible, wash clothes together in similar colors - white, therefore, separately, individually bright colors and intense each color separately. The above recommendations as to contact different colors must also be observed during drying. Textiles wash and dry inside out. When drying the fabric color should not touch each other. White heavily soiled clothes can be washed at a slightly higher temperature up to 40-60 * C.

We wash the wool by hand in cold water or clean the chemically. We dry the clothes of wool in the flat. Compressed at a temperature of 150 * C by means of steam. On wool after a while wearing created by capturing the fluff and knots. They should not be distracted or comb, not to pull the fibers. Best to remove them shaver wool or legs. After shaving wool very gently comb with a soft brush.

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